Who is İba Valresa?

İba Chemistry Inc. started paint and varnish production in 1977 in Ankara. By the year 1984, it had become a facility that produces a wide range of paints, including alkyds, one of the most important components of paint.At that time, with its industrial paints reaching the customers directly, it became one of the preferred brands as they meet varying and high expectations of the customers perfectly.

In addition to producing paint, Iba Chemistry Inc. became also the leader producer in Turkey in the field of paint powder by the year 1995, following the establishment of the paint powder facilities. Iba Chemistry has 3 powder paint production facilities in Ankara, Kayseri and Slovakia as well as commercial corporations in Poland and Russia.

Iba Valresa Inc. was established in 2005 in Ankara by İba Chemistry Inc. and Valresa S.A. with Turkish and Spanish partnership, to offer services on wood and industrial paint and varnish design, manufacturing and marketing.

The facility that holds the infrastructure and automation technologies among the most modern paint production facilities in both Turkey and Europe is built on a field of 32.000 m2. Production of furniture paint and varnish, resin and paint thinner take place in the facility. Established combining over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the paint industry, Iba. Valresa Inc. provides services within the frame of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Iba. Valresa Inc., improves its domestic and foreign activities day by day, with a wide range of products, expert staff and close customer relationships. It aims to offer the best options with technical services before and after the sale, conveying the technological developments and solving problems regarding application as soon as possible.

Through the district offices and branches established for identifying and properly satisfying the customer expectations, sales and technical services are carried out and customer demands can be met from branch supplies quickly.

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